Timothy Romack

Associate Professor,
Organic and Polymer Chemistry

Office: SZ 546
Phone: 252-328-9785
E-mail: romackt@ecu.edu

  • PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • BS Illinois State University

Research Overview

Systematic design and syntheses of macromolecules: Our investigations revolve around the careful synthesis of new molecules, determination of fundamental structure property relationships, model compounds synthesis, and synthetic solutions to physical problems. Recent investigations center on the design and synthesis of well defined fluorine-containing polymeric materials for potential use in nanotechnology, photonic materials, optical applications and high performance coatings. First generation syntheses have targeted fluoroalkyl acrylic block and graft copolymers using transition metal mediated free radical polymerization techniques.

Selected Publications

Romack, T. J., Danell, A. S., Tara, C. M., & Dutta, S. K. (2008). Electrospray ionization time of flight mass spectrometry characterization of perfluoroalkyl acrylic oligomers synthesized using atom transfer radical polymerization. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 22, 930-934.

Romack, T. J., Harrison, Z. J., French, D. V., Amin, D. H., Hartsell, J. L., Jordan D. Meyer (2007). GPC-MALS Characterization of Fluoropolymers in aaa-Trifluorotoluene Mobile Phase: An Enabling Step in the Syntheses of Well-Defined Fluoropolymer-Based Self-Assembling Materials. Macromolecules, 40, 7180-7183.

Romack, T. J. (2006). Catalytic Chain-Transfer Synthesis of 1,1,2,2-Tetrahydroperfluoroalkyl Methacryalte Macromonomers. Journal of Polymer Science. Part A, Polymer Chemistry, 44, 4136-4141.