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Thank you for your interest in East Carolina University’s MS Chemistry program. Our program offers:

  • Meaningful contact with faculty mentors. Students gain valuable research skills by working closely with their faculty research advisors. Our students attend professional conferences and routinely co-author peer-reviewed publications with their faculty mentors!
  • Excellent preparation for professional or further graduate school. Many of our students pursue MS Chemistry degrees to strengthen their applications for medical, dental, or pharmacy school. By taking advanced coursework and honing their leadership and communication skills, they are sought after applicants for such programs. We are proud of our graduates who go on to medical or dental school at ECU, UNC, and elsewhere!
  • Active networking with industry contacts. Our department engages in professional activities and negotiates internship opportunities for our graduate students, and our alumni enjoy excellent job prospects. Our extensive interactions with industry will be even further strengthened with the Professional Science Masters concentration which we are accepting students into for Fall, 2015. This special track in our MS Chemistry program includes an internship and coursework in accounting, management, government regulation, organizational behavior, and more. This concentration allows graduate students to pursue advanced training in science while simultaneously developing the professional skills we know employers are seeking!

The MS Chemistry degree requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate work, and competitive stipends are available for teaching assistants. More information about courses and requirements can be found using the links at the left.

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The Chemistry Department also participates in and oversees its own concentration in theĀ Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Biological Sciences (IDPBS)! Our PhD students receive instruction in several fields of bioscience and technology, and perform groundbreaking research with faculty in the Department of Chemistry in an attentive and supportive environment.

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We are currently preparing for the Spring 2021 graduation season. The information you will find if for all those graduating in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 or 2021.


Questions about either program? Contact:
Dr. Eli Hvastkovs, Director of Graduate Studies
591 Science and Technology Building 252-328-9767