Interdisciplinary PhD Programs

Research opportunities for graduate students in the Department of Chemistry exist in two interdisciplinary PhD programs: the PhD Program in Coastal Resources Management (CRM) and the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Biological Sciences (IDPBS). The Department of Chemistry offers a concentration in Chemistry through the IDPBS program (see below).

PhD in the Biological Sciences – Chemistry Concentration

Our concentration in the IDPBS is designed to provide doctoral education at the interface between chemistry and biology with a concentration in chemistry. Students in this program will receive broad exposure to topics in chemistry and other biological sciences. The department has expertise in both the experimental and computational methodologies used to investigate important issues. Some of the fields of study include:

  • Synthesis, isolation, identification, and structure determinations of proteins and other biological macromolecules.
  • Understanding protein function and misfunction on a molecular level.
  • Interactions, molecular dynamics, and elucidation of reaction mechanisms of proteins and other macromolecules of biological significance.

The core mission of this program is to produce scientists of the highest quality that will become future leaders in academia, government, and industry. Graduates will possess exemplary qualities that will allow them to excel in a wide range of scientific fields.

Application to the IDPBS

  • Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to visit the East Carolina University campus to meet faculty members and students.
  • Application deadline (for fall entry): April 1st
  • Apply to the Graduate School at:

Apply Now

Financial Support for IDPBS students

  • Base salary is $23,000
  • Tuition waivers are available for out-of-state and foreign students
  • A contribution is made toward insurance premium
  • Research assistantships available with individual research groups