Internships in Chemistry

Internships in chemistry and chemistry-related fields provide invaluable exposure to possible career paths. Typically, employers recruit for interns by reaching out to our department, and we advertise the opportunities via our Chemistry Major or Chemistry Graduate Student email listservs.  Applications usually require an updated resume and cover letter.

These internship opportunities may be paid or unpaid as decided by the employer.  Course credit may be awarded by the Department of Chemistry at the undergraduate or graduate level if the employer agrees and if the internship involves at least 180 hours of work.  Undergraduate or Master’s students can earn 3 s.h. of course credit through CHEM 5993 – Industrial Internship in Chemistry.  (The Professional Science Masters Program requires an internship.)  PhD students can earn 3 s.h. of course credit through CHEM 7993 – Pharmaceutical Internship.  These 3 s.h. courses are offered only by special arrangement by the internship coordinators, and occur under the joint supervision of the internship coordinator and an industrial supervisor.

In recent years, students have completed internships at:

  • Mayne Pharma
  • Catalent
  • Pfizer
  • UNX, Inc.
  • Nutrien (formerly PotashCorp-Aurora)

Undergraduate Internship Coordinator:

Lisa Bennett, Director of Undergraduate Studies
416 Science and Technology Building 

For Graduate Opportunities:

Dr. Eli Hvastkovs, Director of Graduate Studies
512 Science and Technology Building 

Here’s a short listing of other resources: