Undergraduate Program

A degree in chemistry equips you with the knowledge to make a major difference

Chemistry is the central science.  Its impact can be easily seen across our world through all human experiences. Everything you hear, see, smell, taste and touch involves chemistry and chemicals. A degree in chemistry maximizes the opportunity to explore and change your world. The guiding principles of chemistry are the basis for much of Pharmaceutical Science, Environmental Science, Forensics, Biochemistry, and beyond. Chemists are leaders, collaborators, inventors, and game changers, and our professors are experts in their field who will mentor you in a caring, encouraging environment.

At East Carolina University, our Chemistry and Biochemistry (Concentration in Chemistry) programs are built around the subdiscipline areas of chemistry – analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical. You may choose to pursue a BS in Chemistry, or a BA in Chemistry, or a BS in Biochemistry (Concentration in Chemistry).  Our department values excellent instruction and promotes involvement in undergraduate research opportunities.


To learn more about our undergraduate program, use the links at the right or buttons above. If you have further questions, contact:

Ms. Lisa Bennett, Director of Undergraduate Studies
416 Science and Technology Building                                           

Taylor Harris
303 Science and Technology Building