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Help! I need an Academic Advisor!

Intended Chemistry Majors:

Please email to be assigned an Arts & Sciences advisor until you are ready to officially declare your Chemistry or Biochemistry – Chemistry concentration major.

(You can officially declare your major after completing CHEM 1150, 1151, 1160, and 1161 with a C or above.)

Declared Chemistry Majors:

Send an e-mail directly to with your full name, Banner ID, and anticipated graduation year & semester.

Let us know that you do not currently have an advisor, and we can get you set up!

Help! I need to withdraw from a course!

Do you need to get out of a Chemistry course?

Contact your Academic Advisor and let them know which course you would like to withdraw from. They will contact the Registrar’s Office and complete your course withdrawal if you are eligible. Take in mind that there are possible setbacks with course withdrawals!

NOTE for CHEM 1150/51 and 1160/61 students: You cannot drop JUST your CHEM lab. You must drop your lecture and keep the lab, OR you must drop both.

If you are not a CHEM 1150/51 or 1160/61 student, you must keep both the lab and the lecture.

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