Sample Schedules

These major guides offer sample schedules that are a great guide for you to use when making your DegreeWorks plan or to refer to when discussing your course selection with your advisor.  Since Mathematics is a really important foundation for future success in Chemistry and Biochemistry, we want to show you how your Mathematics placement fits into your plan so you can Finish in Four.  These four-year plans show various starting points in the Mathematics sequence to help you see where you stand.  Remember, our BS degrees require 3 semesters of Calculus (MATH 2171-2173) and 2 semesters of Calculus-based Physics (PHYS 2350-2360).  The BA in Chemistry requires 2 semesters of Life Sciences Calculus (MATH 2121-2122) and 2 semesters of Algebra-based Physics (PHYS 1250-1260).

BS Chemistry

BS Biochemistry (Concentration in Chemistry)

BA Chemistry