Chemistry Department Pictures

Fatema Salem, graduate student, highlights her Chemistry research alongside her daughter at Homecoming 2018.

Dr. Robert Hughes (left) and Dr. Andrew Morehead (right) honor Dr. Art Rodriguez for his accomplishments and retirement at the 2018 Chemistry Homecoming Celebration.

President of the Chemistry Club, Alexis Anderson (left), and Student Services Specialist, Aimee Callicutt (right) sit at the sign-in table to check guests into the Chemistry Homecoming 2018 Celebration.

Dr. Andrew Morehead, Department Chair, gives his opening remarks at the Spring 2018 Chemistry Graduation Recognition Ceremony.

Poster presenters (from left to right) Christopher Whittington, Amy Musgrave, Kristin Tyson, Amanda Davis, and Katharine Ray pose before the poster session at the 2018 Chemistry Homecoming Celebration.

ECU Chemistry Homecoming Celebration 2018

Mother and father with their daughter.
Group of people standing under a purple, gold, and white balloon arch
Group of men standing behind a table with flyers on it.
Two men in lab coats making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

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ECU Chemistry Spring 2018 Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Three female undergraduate students in graduation regalia holding paper cutouts of a test tube, atom, and molecule.
Graduate student on stage getting his hood.
Group of graduates standing in an auditorium.
Female graduate student in graduation regalia.

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