General Chemistry FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding general Chemistry issues. If there is a question you don’t see answered, please feel free to contact the Chemistry Department.

How do I become a Chemistry major?

To declare your major in Chemistry or Biochemistry (Chemistry concentration), you will need to complete 3 steps:

  1. Complete CHEM 1150 & 1151 with a C or above.
  2. Complete CHEM 1160 & 1161 with a C or above.
  3. Fill out a Major Declaration Form & email to, or drop in the box outside of office SZ-303 in the Science & Technology Building.

Please visit the main Undergraduate Resource Page for more information about declaring your major in Chemistry!

How do I register for Chemistry courses?

To register for Chemistry courses:

  1. Log into Pirate Port and click on the Banner Self Service link.
  2. Follow the links for Student Registration & enter your Registration PIN that your academic advisor gave you.
  3. Check to make sure that you have completed all necessary prerequisites to register for the course. (You can find details about course prerequisites by searching for your courses in the ECU Course Catalog)
  4. Select the open courses you would like to register for, and click “Submit”.

If you are receiving a registration error while trying to register, please submit a Registration Help Request.

I REALLY need this class, but it is closed. What can I do?

The Chemistry Department typically does not have waitlists for courses; CHEM courses are all first-come-first-serve.

Here are some ways to get into a class that you really need:

  1. Log onto Banner to register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If your registration window opens at 8am on a certain date, try to register as close to that time as possible. That is when most classes are going to be open and available for registration.
    Registration Window Schedule
  2. You usually have very long periods of time to get registered, so don’t panic right away. Many Fall spots open up after grades are due for Summer semesters, and many Spring spots open up after grades are due for Fall. Try checking on Banner around the time grades are due for the previous semester, and you are more likely to find open seats.
  3. If you are in need of a lab AND lecture course combination:
    • If you see a space open in a lab, but the lecture is full –  Please email with your full name, Banner ID, and the CRNs of the courses you would like to get into.
      Note: Some lectures may be filled to capacity, so you may not be able to get your first choice of lecture time/professor.
    • If you see space open in a lecture, but not a lab – Keep checking in on Banner until there is an open space in both the lecture AND the lab. Lab spaces AND lecture room seats MUST be available for you to be registered.
    • Only email if you still cannot register during the week of the last day of Course Adjustment Period. (This date is listed on the ECU Academic Calendar)
      Note: Once a lab is filled to capacity, no more students can be registered in that section.
    • If you need the lecture ONLY, or the lab ONLY to do a grade replacement/repeat – Please submit a Registration Help Request to do a grade replacement/repeat.

How do I withdraw from a Chemistry course?

Take in mind that there are possible setbacks with course withdrawals, and you are highly encouraged to work with your academic advisor and/or financial aid counselor (if applicable) prior to withdrawing from a course. 

To withdraw from a CHEM course, please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to PiratePort and click the Registration & Planning tile.
  2. Click the Add or Drop Classes link.
  3. Choose the current term and continue.
  4. Find the class from which you are withdrawing in the summary window (bottom right).
  5. Choose **Withdrawn** from the Action drop-down.
  6. Click Submit. Look for the Save successful message (top right). Undergraduate students see a Withdrawal Information screen that shows the number of withdrawal credits used.
  7. You, your advisor/program director and instructor are notified by email.

More Details on Course Drops & Withdrawals

I want to drop a lecture and keep a lab class (or keep lecture and drop lab)… Can I do that?

  • FOR 1000 CHEM courses ONLY:
    You MAY drop the lecture and keep the lab, but you MAY NOT drop the lab and keep the lecture.
  • For Organic courses and other 2000+ level courses:
    You MAY NOT drop the lecture and keep the lab or vice versa.You MUST drop BOTH the lab AND lecture.

Any Additional Questions? Contact Us